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A Little Bit About Us.

We at TND will continue to strive into providing you with healthy and beautiful dragons.  Our main emphasis is to produce our own dragons without the purchase of wholesale lots. We stand behind every dragon that is bred and sold.

We are a small breeder located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Working out of Our home, and licensed by The Pennsylvania Dept of Agriculture to breed bearded dragons.  Our 1st dragon was Lyrch, and after owning this bearded dragon about 2 weeks, my wife informs me that our baby bearded dragon is lonely. Now, I know all you lizard and bearded dragon owners out there are yelling at the screen, reptiles don't get lonely, but try telling that to your loved one. So we shop around our Philadelphia area to find Lyrch a friend. That would be Big Rhonda. Now, I freely admit I was not as educated about bearded dragon behavior then as I am now. So summer and fall roll by. Then a Philadelphia winter, and spring arrives, and I find my 2 bearded dragons in an interesting embrace. About 30 to 45 days later our real hobby was born. It was about this time I really learned the importance of separate cages. Well, to shorten this up a bit 4 more bearded dragons later and a lot more space lost to tanks, we are here offering our hobby to you. I have handled every baby hatched, and these little ones are our pets and I treat each one as the individual bearded dragon it is.